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Guide to writing articles

Dear authors, please refrain from submitting articles that do not comply with the policy; Only articles written in accordance with the style sheet will be evaluated.


1. Author Details: Name and surname, academic rank and organization of the author (author / translator),

۲. The decision to publish the articles is made by the editorial board and two expert judges.

3. The article has not been published in another journal or submitted to other journals at the same time.

4. Graduate students' papers will be sent for judging if the professor's name
Help is also mentioned.

5. Subject of articles: Articles submitted related to the specialized fields of Islamic philosophy and theology to
Persian language is accepted.

6. Article components: Article title, Persian and English abstracts, Keywords, Introduction, Text, Conclusion, Explanatory references,
Resources; Article in the marked box of the magazine (right, left and bottom 4.5 (four and a half) cm and top 6 cm) and pen
Gold 13 or no gold 13, set to 25 pages (7000 words).

7. Receiving the article is possible only through the publication management system at

8 Equivalent terms and notices should be enclosed in parentheses immediately after the term or name.

9 Unfamiliar signs to be Arabized.

10 sources for converting years from Hijri to AD or vice versa: Westenfeld, Ferdinand and Edward Mahler, Comparative Calendar
One thousand and five hundred years AH, introduction and revision by Hakimuddin Qureshi, Tehran,
Niavaran Cultural Center, 1981.

11 At the end of the article, explanatory references are given, which include only the necessary explanations
Is not a reference to sources.

12 How to cite sources: Instead of citing sources in the subtitle or end of the article, at the end of each direct quote or
Indirect references should be enclosed in parentheses as follows: (Author surname, page).
If more than one work by the author is mentioned, the source should be presented as follows: (surname of the author,
Article or book title, page).

13 This journal receives a fee for publishing approved articles according to the regulations for determining the cost of processing in scientific journals. Articles that are accepted must pay the specified amount (four million rials) online according to the specified process to make the final acceptance of the article. Accept.

14 Alphabetical list of sources (Persian and non-Persian separately):

- Book:

Surname, name (author), book title, volume number, name of translator or proofreader, etc., place of publication, name of publisher,
Year of publication.

- Article:

A) Published in a collection or encyclopedia:

Surname, name (author), "article title", translator name, collection title or encyclopedia, diligence
Publisher, place of publication, publisher name, year of publication, pages.

B) Published in magazines:

Surname, name (author), "article title", translator name, journal name, period or volume, number (chapter / month
And years), pages.

C) Published in the newspaper:

Surname, name (author), "article title", translator name, newspaper name, number (day, month and year),

- Document:

Name of the organization where the document is kept, file number, document number.

Note: Articles over 7000 words are not initially accepted and will be returned.

Important point 2: After the final acceptance of the article and before publication, the author must upload a detailed abstract of 1000 words (in Farsi and English) in the system.