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1 Faculty member of Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom Department, Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan (corresponding author)

2 Master's student in the field of Islamic philosophy and wisdom, Martyr Madani University of Azerbaijan


Adopting a rigid perspective toward post Cartesian modernity, traditionalists have referred to a type of knowledge which has a supernatural quality and is related to degrees of existence. Rejecting the efficacy of experience and argument which are considered pivotal to post-renaissance epistemology, they assume that intuitive knowledge is the main source of intellect and getting access to truth. Intuitionism in traditionalism moves beyond methodology. It seems that we are facing a sort of paradigm shift which tries to change the established assumptions. The present article deals with the issue of whether the sacred knowledge could basically be called knowledge or not. To answer this question, we examine the two necessary elements of knowledge, truth and justification. Theconclusion is that most of traditionalists’ claims are irrational and have no justification. The realization of this knowledge in the contemporary modern world appears unrealistic. 


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