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1 Doctoral student of Faculty of Humanities, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran Visiting researcher at University of Religions and Religions, Qom, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Wisdom and Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.


Metaphysical-conceptual thinking is a thinking that talks about existence with existence and tries to search for truth through conceptual explorations. This type of thinking is considered the original human thinking by metaphysicians. But "thinking" cannot be exclusive to it; Rather, we can talk about an existential thinking that does not have a metaphysical-conceptual nature and instead of the existence, it cares about the "truth of existence" and questions it. This thinking, which is called existential thinking, can be proposed in the space of the Islamic intellectual-mystical tradition. Therefore, the main problem of this article is to "investigate the possibilities of Ibn Arabi's teachings in developing a kind of existential-non-metaphysical thinking. We are trying to provide a new analysis of existential thinking based on the mystical foundations of Ibn Arabi, using a library-analytical method and using the subject principle method. Therefore, by examining his teachings such as: the centrality of the truth of existence in mysticism; distinguish between being and existing; Kashf al-Mahjub; Manifestation; The mirroring of creatures to existence; openness and personal knowledge of existence; The capacity of his thought to develop a kind of existential thinking becomes clear, which claims to understand the existence through the encounter and presence (preconceptual) with the existence and a method other than the usual metaphysical reasoning. Therefore, "existential thinking" begins by focusing on the truth of existence and opening to it, then by paying attention to the poverty of existence and focusing on it, man realizes the dignity of his existence and his direct relationship to existence, and by discovering the veils of manifestations Existence is the manifestation and emergence of the truth of existence in the field of human soul. At this moment, he passes from the part to the whole and from the external to the internal and sees the absolute in the binding matter. Therefore, thinking occurs as the discovery of veiled and interpretation and promises another thought, man and world.