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1 Member of the working group of the fourth level of Masoumieh educational institute and the third level of the Sisteran fields

2 Kausar Kashan school


Increasing adaptation and resilience against natural or human disasters and investigating the factors involved in it is one of the long-standing concerns of mankind. Since man's monotheistic belief has a direct role in his flexibility and resilience in facing life events, this article aims to investigate the relationship between monotheism in practice and the level of human resilience based on the opinions of Ayatollah Misbah. The data processing method of this research is library and based on descriptive and analytical method. Based on the thoughts of Allameh Misbah Yazdi, the manifestations of monotheism in practice in order to increase the resilience of a society, in three general axes: "constructive interaction with the members of the society" and "recommendation of moral virtues and human values" and "attention to meaningfulness and purposefulness" "Life" can be designed. Interaction refers to practical social partnerships based on monotheism, which leads to increasing social resilience through "maintaining the unity of society", "respecting the rights and social interests of oneself and others" and "ensuring the dignity and self-esteem of the needy". Gared and tawasi also refers to the theological contributions on monotheism, which with the supervision of religious leaders through giving people's attention to hope for divine grace, and advising the people of the society to the truth, patience and mercy, leads to more resilience, and finally attention to meaningfulness and The purposefulness of life, which is based on monotheism, with regard to destiny and destiny, and divine wisdom for the planning of the world and the temporality of the world and the authenticity of the hereafter, provides the means to increase the resilience of a society.