Document Type : Scientific-research


imam khmaini


Miracle, the most important and famous way of universally recognizing prophets, can be a challenging concept for ordinary and fallible humans. Since scholars emphasize the "irreducible nature" in defining miracles, the challenge arises from the fact that human knowledge is limited to the future and cannot determine whether a claim of irreducibility of a miracle by a prophet will be violated or not in the future. Therefore, it cannot ascertain the miraculous nature of the extraordinary work claimed by a prophet. The author's mission in this article is to answer this question using an analytical-critical approach. Based on the most important findings of this research, although a miracle must be clear and evident for its proof, ordinary humans can come to the conclusion of the miraculous nature of the claimed prophetic work by examining the prophet's background, his claims, and presenting those claims based on reason and nature, and considering divine wisdom.