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Monotheism and Attributes of God Almighty has always been one of most important subjects in theology, philosophy and also the most important problem of theologians, philosophers and the mystics of Abrahamic Religions. The attempt of the present article is to consider the viewpoints of two Jewish and Muslim philosophers and to analyze them with a comparative view concerning The old Testament and Quran about unity of essence and attributes. In fact our goal is to survey the way The unity of essence employed to set forth through these two Holy Books. In Maimonides opinion who was Jewish the true unity of God means no composition or division and multiplicity can be ascribed to God. For this reason he rejects any attributes of essence and resembles this ascription to the impossibility of Gods corporality so all the attribution of the old Testament Comprising attributes of perfection of positive and attributes of corporal Ones must be interpretation. While Allameh Tabatabai, one of the Muslims thinkers, does not believe in any in compatibility, between the unity of essence and the real ascription of attributes of positive eternal beauty and divine majesty ascribed to God in Quran


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