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1 Graduated Alammah Tabatabaii University

2 faculty member Alammah Tabatabaii University


Mulla sadra claims the relief and innovation in the issue of Divine Knowledge. On the other hand he had been charged in this the issue for more eclecticism compared to his other philosophical issues. In the present study it has been attempted to show in a problem-oriented way that he has benefited four methodological principle that is his special for his philosophy, in explaining "divine knowledge":
1) interdisciplinary approach in consolidated and coherent use of three epistemic sources of mysticism, Qur'an and Logic;
2) using verses and traditions and discovery and intuition in the preliminaries of Logic and judgment position and not merely in collecting;
3) providing his views based on three famous basis approach of the folk, unity of ambiguity of existence and personal unity of existence with an educational approach and in a ambiguous structure;
4)  methodical and pluralism use of predecessor thinkers’ opinions.
The result of this study id the demonstrate of Mulla Sadra’s practical commitment to above methodological principles as problem-oriented in the issue of Divine Knowledge.