Jesus's Divinity, the Main Dispute between Quran and Christianity

Document Type : Scientific-research


Faculty of Shahid Beheshti University


Against the classical approach of christian theologians and missionaries who reject Quranic view on Christianity as falsehood and erroneous,there is ,however, a new approach that intends to reconcile the view of Quran and Christianity claiming that the criticism of Quran is directed not to the official Christianity, but either to sectarians or to polytheism in Arabs. These scholars think the doctrine of trinity is to be compared to and explained by the doctrine of Names and Attributes of God in Quran. In spit of their attempts in reconciliation there still seems to be a fundamental difference: while in Christianity Jesus himself has the ultimate importance for the truth and salvation, in Quran Jesus, Muhammad, and every other prophets are only messengers and callers to the truth, the truth which is independent of every of them


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