The most famous arguments and pleadings are not historical authenticity expert on it

mahmood hmudatafza

Volume 17, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 1-22

  As well as some contemporary scholars, pleadings, mollahadi sabzevari and lecturer Zonouzi of this argument, Angashthand new arguments, pleadings diverse as a result of the demonstration unit, the disregard for the philosophic principles enshrined in this version, content and how to draw conclusions ...  Read More

he attributes of metaphysics student in islamic philosophers' view

reza akbari; saeed hassanzadeh

Volume 17, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 23-46

  Many of Islamic philosophers such as Alfarabi, Ikhwan alsafa, Ibn sina, Suhrewardi and Mulla sadra have considered many attributes essential for metaphysics students or who wants to study metaphysics. Some of these attributes are moral and others are related to knowledge. What are related to knowledge ...  Read More

Previous Knowledge of Divine and Human Authority from the Point of Muslim Philosopher Mulla-Sadra Views

Abbas Abbaszadeh; Samaneh Ardeshir Manesh

Volume 17, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 47-68

  In terms of determinism and authority, the determinists has excuses God's prior knowledge. Philosophers on her principles have answers on this issue. The philosopher, Mulla-Sadra and his theory can be helpful in this direction. In several cases (mental existence, sane and reasonable Union) raised the ...  Read More

Review and Verification Unity pertaining to Divine Acts in Verses and traditions to mystical cognitive system

abdalreza salami zavareh; hasan saeidi

Volume 17, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 69-90

  Abstract Unity pertaining to DivineActs, both in terms of scientific understanding and in terms of practical andfor it the apparent conflictwith human Will is an challenge issue. Ashaareh, prefer it forhuman willand is belief to his compulsion in his verbs and MOtazel, side with human willand is belief ...  Read More

Jesus's Divinity, the Main Dispute between Quran and Christianity

َAhmad Asgari

Volume 17, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 91-108

  Against the classical approach of christian theologians and missionaries who reject Quranic view on Christianity as falsehood and erroneous,there is ,however, a new approach that intends to reconcile the view of Quran and Christianity claiming that the criticism of Quran is directed not to the official ...  Read More

Check Ash'arites theory about the Word of God

nemat ghorbani; ali alamolhoda; mohamadreza zamiri

Volume 17, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 109-128

  Abstract Discussion about the truth of God's word for a word attributed to God's nature Vtasyrgstrdh profoundly personal and social life of believers extraordinary importance is in On this occasion, this study examined the theory that differs from the norm Ash'arites the truth of God's word is ...  Read More

The inherent dignity, Intellect and humanism, Islam and western context (by emphasizing Motahari and Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza and berlin beliefs)

hosean yazdi

Volume 17, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 129-148

  Right after medieval ages in the west and when freedom became a recurrent problem and gaining importance as a significant value, religion and freedom were investigated by Islamic scholars and researchers. This study is an attempt to investigate the foundations of freedom within different Islamic schools ...  Read More