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To provide a clear and distinguished concept on comparative philosophy, one should say precisely that what comparative philosophy is and is not. By examining the ratio of philosophical philosophy to philosophy, as well as its relation to global philosophy, Perennial Philosophy and the intercultural philosophy can in part be understood by its nature. In that comparative philosophy should be regarded as a branch of philosophy Or an independent trend in philosophy along with other tendencies, Or as a methodological strategy, much debate has been made.
In this vein, the necessity and goals of comparative philosophy can highly override the opinions of thinkers on comparison issue; in other words, one can limit to list similarities and differences or one of them or one can attempt to resolve today human’s problems by looking at the past and creating a third space and/or to boast information drawn from comparative studies. It is expected that by deepening one’s thoughts and familiarity with existing capacities and capabilities in other intellectual tradition, one can resolve some difficulties in intellectual world.


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