Separation of the theory of “indivisible particle” and “Atomism” in respect of refutation
Volume 15, Issue 2 , January 0, Pages 101-128

  Apparently, Atomism –that has recently become famous- seems like the theory of indivisible particles and also the proof of prime matter depends on denying the indivisible particle. This paper is to answer these questions: 1- Did the proofs for disproving the particles refute the Atoms as well and did ...  Read More

The plan of the philosophy of history for science in Husserl’s later thought
Volume 15, Issue 2 , January 0, Pages 149-182

  This article, accordance with Husserl’s later work, insists on two main categories. On the one hand, the science departed from human life and culture leads to crisis. Husserl seeks to find a way to get rid of the crisis through teleological-historical inquiry into the primal meaning of science and ...  Read More