A Deliberative Account of Philosophy as Wisdom in al-Farabi’s Treatise al- Jam’ Beyne Ra’yy Al-Hakimayn

seyyed mohsen hosseini; eyn allah khademi; ramzan mahdavi azadboni

Volume 22, Issue 1 , June 2022, Pages 1-20


  Although al-Farabi’s treatise al- Jam’ Beyne Ra’yy Al-Hakimayn, affirms that the scope of the subject matter of philosophy encompasses all beings, and this is, in fact, an affirmation of the Greco-Aristotelian nature of philosophy, from the attributes and descriptors he counts for philosophy ...  Read More

The Relationship between Qazi Saeed Qomi’s Apophatic Theology and the Concept of Oneness amongst Mu’tazila, Shi’ites and Mystics

javad nazari; shamsollah seraj; majid ziaei

Volume 22, Issue 1 , June 2022, Pages 21-44


  Denying any resemblances between the creator and creatures, Qazi Saeed Qomi sets his ideas apart from the typical cataphatic theology in Islamic discourse as well as the conventional theology of Shi’ism. This paper aims at investigating the relationship or lack of it between Qazi Saeed Qomi’s ...  Read More

An Analytic View of Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Kazem Assar’s Viewpoint in His Explanation of the Doctrine of Badā’

taher karimzadeh; ebrahim noei; Abbas Mirzaie

Volume 22, Issue 1 , June 2022, Pages 45-64


  The doctrine of Badā’, as a specific attribute of Shiite beliefs, has constantly been the subject of derision and criticism by Shia opponents. They have accused the Shiites of attributing ignorance and remorse to God and, for that reason, have taunted them as such. In response, Shiite scholars ...  Read More

Confirmation of Descent of Holy Spirit on Jesus Christ in the Holy Qur'an and Schleiermacher’s consciousness Christology

mohammadrasool imanikhoshkhoo

Volume 22, Issue 1 , June 2022, Pages 65-86


  In some verses of the holy Qur’an, there are references to the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus Christ. Although, from the perspective of traditional and trinity Christology, it is possible to consider them as evidence for a distinction for Jesus Christ, close consideration of the Holy Spirit ...  Read More

A Study of the Ascension and Descent of Jesus in the Qur'an Relying on the Christian Background

Ruhallah Najafi

Volume 22, Issue 1 , June 2022, Pages 87-108


  The common understanding of the Quranic statement “God raised Jesus up toward Himself” is the ascension of Jesus to heaven alive, where He stands. However, some contemporary intellectuals have claimed that the Qur'an does not mean that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, but rather that Jesus ...  Read More

The Twelfth Imam, from Delusion to Reality: Criticism of Ehsan Elahi Zahir

Mohammadhosien Faryab; Amir Pazhouhandeh

Volume 22, Issue 1 , June 2022, Pages 109-130


  Ehsan Elahi Zahir is one of the famous Wahhabi authors active in rejecting Shi'a beliefs. In his numerous works, he has considered the existence of the twelfth Shi'a Imam as delusional and believes that Imam Al-Hasan al-Askari (P.B.U.H.) did not have a child. To support his claim, he draws on narrations ...  Read More

A Comparative Study of Imam Khomeini’s and Rashid Reza’s Views on the Theoretical Foundations of the Islamic Government

abdolmotaleb abdollah; saldeh hasanzadeh; mahdi sheikh

Volume 22, Issue 1 , June 2022, Pages 131-158


  The theory of velayate e faqih (Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist), as conceptualized by Imam Khomeini, has close affinities with Rashid Reza's theory of Islamic Caliphate regarding government and politics in the sense that both models are similar in their general structure and principles. They put ...  Read More