study of truth and justifiability of theories of Quran's miracle in terms of theories of received tradition in Epistemology
Volume 16, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 15-48

  Quran's miracle as the last prophet's proof of claim verification of prophetic mission and challenging the verse, has had a great position within insider religious controversies specifically in Kalam, oration and advertising religion. Nowadays, the development of disciplines makes the outsider study ...  Read More

Introduction to Theological principles of scientific interpretation of the Holy Quran
Volume 16, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 75-100

  God in many verses of the Holy Quran refers to a variety of natural phenomena and describes some of their features precisely or indirectly. Hence special attention to the scientific method of interpretation and its theological bases are necessary. These theological principles are not only for the scientific ...  Read More

The transcendence and immanence in the Masnavi ma'anavi
Volume 16, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 101-122

  Transcendence and immanence, as two dimensions of recognition of God, has always been considered as one of the most important theological issues of ontology. In different trends of thought and conscience in Islam as well, this issue has been discussed and controversial. Most of these issues have been ...  Read More

Anthropological foundations of approximation to God in Islam and Christianity
Volume 16, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 123-144

  Happiness and perfection in the Abrahamic religions is nearness to God Almighty. This approach can be examined from different aspects, such as place of the approximation in religion, its influence in worldly and afterword life and so on. But an important issue, is foundations and infrastructures of this ...  Read More