The Study of Criterion of Instrumentality of a Science from a Logical Perspective

mojtaba ghorbani; Ahmad ghaffari gharebagh

Volume 19, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 1-16

  In one classification, all of the sciences are divided into instrumental and original. Sciences such as logic, the principles of jurisprudence and algebra are classified as instrumental sciences, and other sciences such as philosophy, jurisprudence and arithmetic as the original ones. Instrumentality ...  Read More

Knowledge by Presence as Effective on Sensory Perception and its Epistemological Underpinnings from the Viewpoint of Transcendent Theosophy

sayyed mohammad hosain naghibi; addollah nasri

Volume 19, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 17-38

  There are two steps in the process of sensory perception: the sensory organ’s sense-impression and the soul’s perception. The first step is materialistic and the second one abstract. According to the union of the body and soul, the soul apprehends the sensory organs’ sense impressions, ...  Read More

Leibniz’s View of Human Free-Will and Its Critique by Allameh Tabatabaii

seedhasan bathayi; leila kheidani

Volume 19, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 39-64

  The concept of free-will is an important and old philosophical issue that most religions have paid attention to, and philosophers of religion have contemplated on the issue adopting a new perspective. The present article is an attempt to present, review and criticize Leibniz’s view, and tries to ...  Read More

explanation and critic of philosophical-theological of the original sin

javad ayar; mehdi monfared

Volume 19, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 65-86

  Original Sin instruction is one of the fundamental pillar of polusian interpretation of Christianity that besides the justification of salvation instruction, confirms the divinity of Jesus. Indeed, Sin, salvation or grace and Christ divinity have necessary and profound relation together that denial or ...  Read More

Theological reflection on the anti-Sunnah discourse

marzieh Mohases; Hale Badindeh

Volume 19, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 87-110

  The discourse of religious thought in recent decades has been influenced by various religious developments. The design of these topics of thought has created challenges in both social and political arenas. Contemporary anti-sunnah is a contemporary trend that seeks to curtail the traditions of religiosity, ...  Read More

A Theological-Philosophical Study of the Reconstruction of Human Body in the Hereafter (With special attention to the issue of "tail bone")

horan akbarzadeh; fateme asadi

Volume 19, Issue 3 , January 0, Pages 111-134

  The issue of how human body is rebuilt in the hereafter has always been a challenging and important topic among the followers of the heavenly religions, theologians and faithful philosophers. The present study is aimed to provide a philosophical and theological explanation of the hadith known as the ...  Read More