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A Theological-Philosophical Study of the Reconstruction of Human Body in the Hereafter (With special attention to the issue of "tail bone")

horan akbarzadeh; fateme asadi

Volume 19, Issue 3 , January 0, , Pages 111-134

  The issue of how human body is rebuilt in the hereafter has always been a challenging and important topic among the followers of the heavenly religions, theologians and faithful philosophers. The present study is aimed to provide a philosophical and theological explanation of the hadith known as the ...  Read More

Investigating News Traits from the Perspective of Allame Javadi Amoli and Judge Abdul Jabar Motazli

maryam rastgar; Mohammad Ali akhaviyan; ali pirhadi

Volume 20, Issue 1 , January 0, , Pages 111-132


  The Most Extensive Discussion and Discussion News Pages by Allameh Javadi Amoli and Judge Abdul Jabar A Leader That Can Review and Enable YouTheir contribution to such principles as objectivity of essence and attributes, the theory of Tanzania, the contradiction of anthropogenic traits with the abstraction ...  Read More

Lifestyle and its Obstacles in Nahj al-Balaghah

soraya barzegarnezhad; hamid hoseini; ali hosein ehteshami

Volume 21, Issue 2 , October 2021, , Pages 111-132


  Although the category of "lifestyle" is a new addition to the modern social sciences and psychology, the main elements of lifestyle are not new topics. What appears to be new are the methods of studying this category and not its main constitutive elements.  The subject of lifestyle has always been ...  Read More

Study and criticism about leadership claims of Jaafar from Ahmad Katib point of view
Volume 16, Issue 4 , January 0, , Pages 117-134

  Talk of leadership, especially Imam Mahdi (as) is the important and fundamental issues in Shiism. Ahmed al-Katib, a contemporary writer, in Umm al-Imam al-Mahdi fact historicity hypothesis Flsfyh traditional reasons, historical and rational in denying the existence of Imam Mahdi (AS) argues that one ...  Read More

Anthropological foundations of approximation to God in Islam and Christianity
Volume 16, Issue 3 , January 0, , Pages 123-144

  Happiness and perfection in the Abrahamic religions is nearness to God Almighty. This approach can be examined from different aspects, such as place of the approximation in religion, its influence in worldly and afterword life and so on. But an important issue, is foundations and infrastructures of this ...  Read More

The Relationship Between Watan (Homeland) and Tuma`nina (Tranquility) in Sufism from Earliest Years to Ibn Arabi

Adel Meghdadian; masoud sadeghi

Volume 17, Issue 2 , January 0, , Pages 125-147

  Tuma`nina is a mystical station by which man can reach constant tranquility. But the word “Tuma'nina” has been used in relation to different objects in the holy Quran and sophistic writings. One of those objects mentioned in the holy Quran is the world where the possibility of reaching tranquility ...  Read More

investigate the acceptance of the principle of party autonomy in law of Iran and England

seyedmohsen salehi; mojtaba nikdosti; mohammad jafarifeshraki

Volume 6, 3-4 , January 0

  The purpose of this study is to investigate the acceptance of the principle of party autonomy in law of Iran and England. In the modern Roman-German system, the principle of party autonomy means the human will’s underlying on the legitimacy of legal obligations and acts. This is, only, the parties’ ...  Read More

Disbelief and its judgments in the Persian Gulf

hossein rahmanitirkalai

Volume 18, Issue 2 , January 0, , Pages 104-144

  The study of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and the great leaders of Islam, both Shi'a and Sunni, help us to reach a common view on the limits of Islam and faith, and the laws and laws that are applied to Muslims from different sects of Islam and disbelievers. he does. Therefore, it is imperative that the ...  Read More

Assessment of Louis Pojman's theory about ethics of belief
Volume 15, Issue 4 , January 0, , Pages 109-128

  Generally speaking, voluntarism and evidentialism have been two competing approaches to the ethics of belief. Criticizing these two approaches, Louis Pojman, the contemporary American philosopher, sets forward the theory of normative indirect voluntarism. In its analysis of the belief formation process, ...  Read More

The First Ruler of the Virtuous City in Al-Farabi's Thought and Its Philosophical Foundations

Roohollah Fadaei; Reza Akbarian

Volume 19, Issue 2 , January 0, , Pages 111-128

  The theory of the first ruler of the Virtuous City is one of the most important subjects of al-Farabi's political science. Using the method of text-oriented analytic interpretation, firstly, sixteen epistemic and non-epistemic characteristics of the first ruler are extracted; the most prominent of which ...  Read More

the Narrations in Tafsir Atyab-ol-Bayan Abstract

zeinab vatani; hamidreza mostofid

Volume 17, Issue 4 , January 0, , Pages 115-149

  Atib-ol-Bayan is an interpretation in Shia in Persian written by Ayat-ol-Allah Seyed Abdolhossein Tayeb who passed away on June, 1991. Although according to the author, some of the interpretational news are not to be assured of and also, the accuracy of the prophet Mohammad traditions is not traceable, ...  Read More

The kantian apperception and existence
Volume 16, Issue 1 , January 0, , Pages 121-146

  Apperception is the most important doctrine in transcendental deduction of Kant`s Critique of Pure Reason, which has fundamental role and station in his epistemology. This term have been used in Critique with several descriptive adjective such as pure, original, and transcendental. Some commentators ...  Read More

Salafism in the Theological Thought of Muslim Brotherhood Community

hamid imandar; hamed mostafavi fard

Volume 18, Issue 1 , January 0, , Pages 121-150

  The Muslim Brotherhood movement with the backing of Islamic awakening originated from the thoughts of Jamaluddin Asad Abadi and Mohammed Abduh has tried to provide a moderate demonstration of theological beliefs in agreement with the life history of the pious ancestors. With the accusations made by contemporary ...  Read More

Pure Tranquility (Tuma’nina): Investigating the Possibility of Non-intentional Mental States

Adel Meghdadian; masoud sadeghi

Volume 19, Issue 1 , January 0, , Pages 121-136

  The existence of pure and non-intentional mental states, especially pure consciousness, is one of the issues which can be located where philosophy of mind and philosophy of mysticism coincide. Most of states and stations proposed by mystics have adjuncts. However, there are also some mystical states ...  Read More

Comparative Study the wonders wrought’s saints from Hojwari، Ghoshiri and Imam Mohammad Ghazzali 's view

shahla eliyehpoor; Mahdi Sharifian

Volume 20, Issue 2 , January 0, , Pages 123-146


  According to some of the teachings of mysticism and Sufism when wayfarer comes to God, he is granted the power of capture in nature which its result is actions that others can not do it that is interpreted as the losing habit and wonder wrought.The purpose of this study is to express the Hojwari, Ghoshiri ...  Read More

A Critical Review of Theory of Evolution as Viewed by Allameh Tabatabai and Mohammad Shahrour in Tafsir

tahereh yazdani ahmadabadi; farhad zeinali behzadan

Volume 21, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 123-142


  Mohammad Shahrour and Allameh Tabatabai have been careful not to ignore the scientific theories in their interpretation of the holy Quran. The Darwinian evolution theory, which has been accepted by biologists, has taken the attention of these two commentators. The main idea of the theory of evolution, ...  Read More

A Critical Study of Ayatollah Sobhani’s Views on the Nature of Worship

seyyed ahmad hashemi aliabadi; Mohammad Javad Hassanzadeh

Volume 21, Issue 4 , April 2022, , Pages 123-146


  The identification of the term ‘Ibadeh’ (worship) has a long history in the writings of philologists. The sect of ‘Wahhabism’, by its misunderstanding of the meaning of worship, has excommunicated the Muslims. In contrast, Ayatulah Sobhani, in most of his works, has presented ...  Read More

Externalist Evidentialism: Sufficient and Nessesary Conditions for Epistemic Justification

Omid Karimzadeh

Volume 18, Issue 4 , March 2018, , Pages 127-148

  Some contemporary epistemologists claim that there are two different kinds of epistemic defeat that are respectively called evidence undermining and judgment undermining. Using a thesis called two streams of justification thesis, they argue that in the first case one's justification is completely undermined ...  Read More

The inherent dignity, Intellect and humanism, Islam and western context (by emphasizing Motahari and Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza and berlin beliefs)

hosean yazdi

Volume 17, Issue 3 , January 0, , Pages 129-148

  Right after medieval ages in the west and when freedom became a recurrent problem and gaining importance as a significant value, religion and freedom were investigated by Islamic scholars and researchers. This study is an attempt to investigate the foundations of freedom within different Islamic schools ...  Read More

On the Consistency of Mulla Sadra’s Viewpoint in Explaining Natural and Unexpected Deaths on the Basis of Substantial Motion with Verses and Traditions

mohammad reza karimivala; rohollah nasere

Volume 19, Issue 4 , January 0, , Pages 129-148

  The present study aims at investigating the nature of death based on the principles of Mulla Sadra’s philosophy and its evaluation based on Quranic verses and traditions in order to prove the consistency of these two viewpoints. It is demonstrated that substantial motion explains the emergence ...  Read More

The comparative study of t
Volume 15, Issue 1 , January 0, , Pages 133-156

  Abstract In this paper ,we will discuss about the nature of THE HOLY SPIRIT and its functions from the viewpoints of Philo and Paul .According to Philo ,THE HOLY SPIRIT or the divine spirit is only an instrument for communication of God with man and its only function is prophecy ; a function which there ...  Read More

The Epistemological Foundations of Modern Islamic Civilization Based on Usul Alkafi

ali qasemi; hadi kazemzadeh

Volume 20, Issue 1 , January 0, , Pages 133-152


  Islamic civilization is based on several theoretical foundations which can be described as ontological, anthropological, sociological, and epistomological. One of the most important theoretical foundations of this civilization is the epistemological one that is closely related to the type of civilization ...  Read More